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Aaron Seidman

 Aaron Seidman


Sinai and Mitzvot The parashah begins with Moses' father-in-law, Yitro, showing Moses how to set up an administrative system to govern the newly-freed Israelites, and how to delegate minor tasks to others so that he can focus on ...
Does Historical Accuracy of Religious Texts Matter? This week's Sedra is Metzora, from the opening lines of the second verse: "tihyeh torat metzora" - "This shall be the teaching about the metzora."The metzora was someone afflicted with ...
Family at the Root of Passover Commandments How can we explain why some people observe Passover so strictly even when they don't observe much else? Aaron Seidman argues that it is the home-based family nature of the holiday that creates the commandment that people are more willing to follow.

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