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Reconstructionist Response to Recent Terrorist Attacks

We stand together as we join the world in mourning the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad. We unreservedly condemn attacks on civilians to achieve religious ends and expressions of religion that sanction the dehumanization of others. May our combined actions and prayers serve to illuminate the tzelem Elohim (spark of the divine) that is embodied in every human being as we all work to realize a more peaceful and just world. In the wake of so many lost in the past four days, we look to remember and honor each and every one, as we mourn them, and begin our work anew.

Rabbi Deborah Waxman, President

David Roberts, Chair, Board of Governors

Rabbi Nina Mandel, President, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association

Rabbi Elyse Wechterman, Executive Director, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association


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