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Movement Restructuring FAQs

The plenum of JRF constituents voted in favor of restructuring on June 3, 2012. As of that vote, RRC and Jewish Reconstructionist Communities—devoted to serving our congregations and havurot—together became the primary organization of the movement.

Where are the offices?
The offices are in the RRC building at 1299 Church Road, Wyncote, PA, 19095.

What kind of program—including services, events and external partnerships—does the unified organization offer?
Read here about programs and services we're currently offering to Reconstructionist communities.

Based on their conversations with affiliated communities, the Congregational Services Committee recommended several program priorities to the RRC board. Their recommendations were approved, and became the mandate for our Affiliate Services Department, whose work is now included in our Department of Community Engagement, to carry out.

If I know of a congregation interested in affiliating, how should I direct its leadership to make the initial contact?
Interested congregations should contact or 215.576.0800, ext. 144.

What is my first step if my congregation needs services from the Reconstructionist movement?
The central point for requests is or 215.576.0800, ext. 144.

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