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I Am A Zionist

I am a Zionist

Because when a bullet hit Yitzhak Rabin

Israel became more than a flat, Hebrew school text book

about kibbutzim;

Because Israel in 3-D has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of existence--

America taught me that


I am a Zionist

Because G-d held me in the Negev

When I was a lonely teenager;

Because food, dance and music feed my soul;

Encountering the hills of the Shomron after a 2 hour

bullet proof bus ride,

Later gazing at Al Aqsa up close up above my people

I understood what all the fuss was about


I am a Zionist

Because I am embarrassed

By stingy zealots who take more than what they are entitled to

In Hevron;

Because I am disappointed when efforts of hope,

In blurs of blue and orange graffiti,

are shot down with the plague of age and obesity;

Because I am proud of my family of soldiers,

Both with kippot and without


I am a Zionist

(not a racist)

Because loving a land

to which my heart feels bound,

2000 years of yearning,

Standing on holy ground,

Making mistakes, trying again and again

To make peace


Both stings and is addictively sweet

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