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Learn about the philosophy of Reconstructionist Judaism in this self-paced, three-unit program. Explore the thinking of
Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, who understood Judaism as an evolving religious civilization. Find out how Reconstructionist
Judaism differs from other branches of progressive Judaism. Hear the thoughts of real-world Reconstructionist rabbis
and congregants. No Hebrew is required. You will discover the concept of Judaism as an “evolving religious civilization”
and examine questions such as:

  • Are the Jews a “chosen people?”
  • In a scientific age, how do I understand evil and suffering?
  • What obligation do I have to help heal the world (tikkun olam)?
  • How do I decide which Jewish holidays or rituals to observe?

Each unit presents one of the fundamental perspectives of Reconstructionist Judaism established by the movement’s
intellectual founder, Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan: belonging, believing and behaving.

Your guide for the program is Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D., ’82, director of multifaith studies and initiatives at RRC.
You have opportunities to read, question and reflect on Judaism in the 21st century, as you move through at your own
pace and explore probing questions.

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